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5 Can't-Miss Audit, Risk, and Compliance Sessions at Amplify 2022

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Published: August 12, 2022
Last Updated: August 17, 2022

Take your audit, risk, and compliance knowledge to the next level at Amplify 2022, with 70-plus sessions covering topics from pre-built audit templates to the intersection of ESG and GRC and so much more. 

While you’re visiting, don’t miss these five critical seminars to keep you at the pace of industry-leading methodologies and technology. 

Join us for this hands-on session, as educator, forensic accountant, and filmmaker Professor Kelly Richmond Pope explores how fraud occurs and the preventive strategies that all stakeholders should know to keep their organizations fraud-free. Based on her research, Dr. Pope will share personal lessons learned from intimate conversations with white-collar offenders, whistleblowers, and victims of fraud.

As ESG becomes more auditable, those on the GRC side of the house wonder how the two functions should harmonize regarding ESG materiality and the practical ways to ensure audit-ready data. This discussion will combine voices from Internal Audit, Risk Management, and ESG teams to discuss best practices in collaboration. Not only will this session dive deep into these inquiries, but it will also explore related topics, such as risk assessments, policies and procedures, technology usage, and more. 

See firsthand how Workiva's Audit Analytics solution can transform your audit operations. Join Clearview and SmileDirectClub to hear how they utilized Workiva’s Audit Analytics solution, which improved audit efficiency and delivered more impactful insights and recommendations. Discover the benefits of advanced capabilities with Workiva Analytics and the path toward implementing Workiva’s Analytics solutions, and get an in-depth look at SmileDirectClub’s Workiva Analytics journey to date. 

Curious about how high-performing audit and compliance teams operate? Participate in this seminar to understand how your peers tackle the most critical questions around talent recruitment, keeping teams motivated, and managing people to keep employees performing at peak levels. 

On top of the in-depth sessions, don't forget about the exclusive entertainment, networking events, and other activities throughout Amplify 2022. The clock is winding down, so learn more and register before all the spots fill up!

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