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  • Workiva and IHS Markit solutions can give private markets teams a more efficient way to create and share fundraising, portfolio, and deal documents
  • Staying nimble is especially important as private markets adapt to recent events
  • Workiva helps teams connect data directly to reports for greater confidence in data accuracy, while IHS Markit can help securely share those reports and data for portfolio valuation and monitoring

Too many organizations experience frustrations when it comes to board report creation: 

  • Frantic days spent collecting data from various areas of the organization
  • Mind-numbing hours spent switching between screens combining the different material
  • Never-ending dread of an update that will start the process all over again

It's time to rethink your board report creation process. Workiva offers a better, more connected way.


5 best practices of boarding reporting

5 Best Practices of Board Reporting

The board of directors demands for high-quality financial and management performance reporting have never been greater, and finance leaders are struggling to keep up. Follow these five best practices for board reporting to deliver the strategic insights the board needs to make decisions.
June 10, 2020
  • Workiva cloud solutions automate manual reporting processes and give teams more time for analysis
  • Organizations can combine financial and nonfinancial data to create board reports and presentations
  • Linked data and commentary can be combined with charts and graphs to present company performance

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