Using internal controls to detect and prevent fraud in your organization
November 19, 2015

All organizations—whether they're big or small—risk money and reputation loss due to fraud. Find out what you can do to build effective controls to both detect and prevent fraud.

Avoid an FCPA investigation before it's too late
November 12, 2015

The message is clear. If your company is engaged in international activities, it's critical that you thoroughly assess and understand your company’s risks of non-compliance with the FCPA and design your controls accordingly.

5 best practices used by GFOA award winners
November 10, 2015

Producing a GFOA award winning CAFR or budget report isn't as difficult as it might seem. Here are five tips to help you get there.

The daily struggle with traditional software
November 3, 2015

Traditional spreadsheets aren't built to secure sensitive data and efficiently further collaborative governmental reporting processes. See what your spreadsheets are missing.

How one solution helped a handful of departments
October 27, 2015

Hear from AES Corporation employees that wanted Wdesk for its financial reporting needs, but wound up using it in a variety of departments for different projects, including earnings materials, CFO and CEO scripts, business scorecards, proxy statements, and more.